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Sat Dec 8 11:05:20 PST 2007

Author: ryandesign at
Revision: 31818
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:

This script is only meant for users with a fully default environment, and in such bash is
the default shell so let's not glob for all bourne-based shells. We deal with tcsh too by
extension because that was default for Mac OS X at one point, but in a similar fashion let's
limit ourselves only to that shell and not all C-based shells with the *csh glob.

This commit follows advice from Vincent Lefevre on the dev list that modifying the environment
in ~/.profile for the zsh shell as we would here, thanks to the *sh glob, is ill-advised. What I
think about that is: a) anyone running zsh is *not* running a default environment and thus is
outside the scope of this script; b) anyone savvy enough to switch to zsh (or to any other shell
away from the default, for that matter) should also be savvy enough to set up his/her own environment.

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