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 ==== Graphical user interface ==== #GUI
-Come up with a front-end for installing packages (or building ports, where no package exists) for naive end-users. See also [http://ihack.us/2008/03/24/building-a-gui-for-macports/ drernie's post] about MacPorts GUIs. The  [http://trac.macports.org/wiki/armahg MacPorts.Framework] and [http://trac.macports.org/browser/users/rhwood/Pallet Pallet] projects contain some of the already done ground work for building such a GUI. Also see [wiki:MacPortsGUIFAQ GSoC 2009 MacPorts GUI "FAQ"] for some useful details on what this project would entail.
-Classification: major task[[BR]]
-Programming languages: Tcl and any other language for the GUI part (e.g. ObjC)[[BR]]
+Extend and improve the existing [wiki:MacPortsGUI basic GUI] which has been implemented as part of GSoC 2008/2009. Pallet is at the moment functional to install/uninstall ports, but for example it cannot handle variants yet. Also, it is slow if you have many ports installed.
+The GUI is driven by the MacPorts Framework, which acts as an wrapper of the MacPorts Tcl API to Objective-C. To enhance the GUI you will probably have to implement the respective features in the framework first.
+It would be your task to identify possible improvements for the GUI. This can either be new features or (speed) improvements to existing ones.
+ * [wiki:MacPortsGUI]
+ * [wiki:MacPortsGUIFAQ]
+ * [wiki:MacPortsFramework]
+ * Pallet port
+Classification: medium task[[BR]]
+Programming languages: Objective-C and Tcl[[BR]]
 Potential mentors: armahg
 ==== MacPorts Web Application (MPWA) ==== #mpwa


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