MD5 hash of fpconst-0.7.2.tar.gz

Blair Zajac blair at
Wed Nov 8 17:14:57 PST 2006

Hi Greg,

Sorry to hear that your site went down.  Mine when down this week and it's a pain.

I work on the MacPorts team and we have a package for your fpconst 0.7.2.  The 
MD5 hash of the new tarball at

is different than the original.  I have the original hash as 
0c194744ab60f3301dfda2da9f7c4068 and a copy of the file with that hash can be 
found at

I don't know if you want to replace the new tarball with this one and do a diff 
between the two, which only shows minor changes in comments, but it would make 
packagers life easier :)  We get a little anal at times and when we see a MD5 
mismatch, then we're concerned about something happening to the code.


Blair Zajac, Ph.D.

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