Temporary slib *downgrade* acceptable?

Marc André Selig mas at seligma.com
Wed Nov 15 09:26:29 PST 2006

Dear all,

the recent slib upgrade to 3a4 gives us (well, me) more headaches  
than I would wish for.  GnuCash does not work with versions 3a2 and  
3a4 of slib, only 3a3.  The last few days, all of the time I can  
spend for MacPorts was busy instructing people how to manually  
downgrade slib to 3a3.  I have tried to provide a package "slib- 
stable" with 3a3, but this would have to filter through too many  
ports to make it actually desirable.

 From a cursory grep at the dports directory, it appears (I may be  
mistaken!) that the only ports that actually use slib are GnuCash and  

Also, that the major reason slib was upgraded for MacPorts seems to  
have been that the sources for 3a3 had moved and the people fixing  
this thought the upgrade to the latest alpha release was the simplest  

Are my premises correct?  Would it thus be acceptable for me to  
actually revert the slib portfile to version 3a3 (including a fix for  
the source location)?  For a limited period of time?  It would  
certainly make life easier for anybody wanting to use GnuCash on OS  
X.  (fink is no alternative, since it does not yet provide GnuCash 2.0.)


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