Announcement: Call for new port committers

James Berry jberry at
Wed Oct 4 08:04:26 PDT 2006

MacPorts is soliciting new committers. If you have written or  
maintained ports, and are interested in commit status to keep those  
ports up to date, please send email with the subject "Request for  
commit access" to <macports-mgr at>. In doing so,  
please also tell us:

	- What ports you have written or worked on (output from "port echo  
maintainer:your-email-here" is always helpful). Or if you have filed  
bugs for ports that have not yet been committed, please reference the  
bug #'s.

We recognize that our existing committer base cannot always respond  
appropriately to the change load required for ports, and are asking  
you, our users, to step in and respond. In return, we want to be more  
accepting of new committers.

Note that we see policing of committers as a community  
responsibility. If you feel that the the committer for a port is not  
responding properly or wisely, please email the committer, and if you  
get no response, apply to adopt the port.


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