Any reason not to combine rb-mysql & rb-mysql5?

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Sat Sep 9 16:38:54 PDT 2006

Is there any reason not to have rb-mysql default to using MySQL5 and use a
MySQL4 variant (as shown below) and then nuke the rb-mysql5 port?


# $Id: Portfile,v 1.4 2005/01/25 22:00:36 rshaw Exp $
PortSystem              1.0
PortGroup               ruby 1.0

ruby.setup              {mysql mysql-ruby} 2.7.1 extconf.rb {README.html
maintainers             blair at roberto at
description             Ruby API for the Mysql4 database
long_description        This is the Ruby library for accessing Mysql \
                                        databases from within Ruby.  It
works with Mysql \
                                        4\; probably works with 3.23 or \
                                        earlier with slight modification,
but not tested at all.
categories-append       databases
checksums               md5 f708ab4401bfa834514bab9528580e58
platforms               darwin

depends_lib             port:mysql5
configure.args          --with-mysql-include=${prefix}/include/mysql5 \

variant mysql4 {
depends_lib-delete      port:mysql5
configure.args-delete   --with-mysql-include=${prefix}/include/mysql5 \

depends_lib-append      port:mysql4
configure.args-append   --with-mysql-include=${prefix}/include/mysql \

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