Any reason not to combine rb-mysql & rb-mysql5?

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Sat Sep 9 19:49:44 PDT 2006

>> Is there any reason not to have rb-mysql default to using MySQL5 and
>use a
>> MySQL4 variant (as shown below) and then nuke the rb-mysql5 port?
>What happens if newer versions of the Ruby mysql bindings loose support
>MySql 4, then we'll probably want to have a separate version for that, so
>would end up bringing it back.
>I don't have strong feelings either way though.

But the problem now is that rb-dbd-mysql depends on rb-mysql, which
depends on mysql4.  So to accomodate folks who use MySQL5, either rb-mysql
and rb-mysql5 need to be combined, or a variant needs to be added to
rb-dbd-mysql for users to select rb-mysql or rb-mysql5 as dependencies. 
Which seems to me to be uglier and possibly spawn other variants in other
ruby ports in similar fashion.  So it seems to me that combiniing rb-mysql
and rb-mysql5 ports is cleaner and won't spawn other problems.

I could be wrong, but I would think it unlikely that Ruby mysql binding
lose support from MySQL4 unless and until MySQL4 support wanes to the
point where people don't need it anymore.  But bringing it back if
necessary would be easy enough if so.

I had to add mysql5 support to rb-mysql to even test a patch to the
rb-dbd-mysql port to fix a download path problem because I have MySQL 5


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