Current freetype2 (2.3.3) breaks compatibility w/other packages

Adam Nohejl adam at
Sun Apr 8 06:50:14 PDT 2007


The current freetype package contains version 2.3.3, while some other  
packages still need the pre-2.2.0 FreeType with exposed internals and  
therefore fail to build with the current version of FreeType. For  
instance libsdl_ttf (see 
freetype-2.2.0.html for more info).

As I'm new to MacPorts I don't know what would be the proper  
solution: Is there a way to make specific packages dependent on  
specific versions of other packages? (Probably not.) Would be a  
separate package for that version needed? (Not very nice.)

However, as far as I can tell the current state makes some packages  
simply unusable.

Please excuse my lack of deeper knowledge and experience with  
MacPorts and package management in general. I hope I'll be more  
helpful next time I come across a problem.

Happy Easter,


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