Current freetype2 (2.3.3) breaks compatibility w/other packages

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Apr 8 13:30:59 PDT 2007

On Apr 8, 2007, at 08:50, Adam Nohejl wrote:

> The current freetype package contains version 2.3.3, while some  
> other packages still need the pre-2.2.0 FreeType with exposed  
> internals and therefore fail to build with the current version of  
> FreeType. For instance libsdl_ttf (see 
> freetype2/freetype-2.2.0.html for more info).
> As I'm new to MacPorts I don't know what would be the proper  
> solution: Is there a way to make specific packages dependent on  
> specific versions of other packages? (Probably not.) Would be a  
> separate package for that version needed? (Not very nice.)
> However, as far as I can tell the current state makes some packages  
> simply unusable.

A port is always at its most recent version. There's no way currently  
for Subversion to access any older versions of the portfile. So, if  
one port depends on another, then it's always depending on the most  
recent version of that other port.

I haven't tried to look into this specific situation, but if  
libsdl_ttf does not work with freetype 2.3.3 and cannot be made to  
work with freetype 2.3.3, when we do indeed need an additional port  
for an older version of freetype.

Note that there was a problem with freetype 2.2.1, which is why  
MacPorts never upgraded to that version. I do not remember what the  
problem was, only that someone tried to upgrade freetype to 2.2.1, it  
caused massive problems for everyone, and the change had to be  
reverted less than 24 hours later. So if we made a separate older  
freetype port, it might have to be the old 2.1.10 version.

However I would of course prefer if libsdl_ttf could be made to work  
with freetype 2.3.3.

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