1.4.1 release

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at macports.org
Sun Apr 8 17:30:58 PDT 2007

On Apr 6, 2007, at 3:44 AM, Paul Guyot wrote:


> Could you please list what you're *not* leaving out?

	You should read the commit logs/trac timeline/rss feed/changes mailing 
list/whatever else is your preferred method for looking at our svn 
commits. Had you done so you would have seen I merged bug fixes and 
documentation updates into the release_1_4 branch right after 1.4.1 was 
finally out, thus comprising what in theory what a minor release is 
supposed to be about.

	Now, that being said, I've made it clear once and again I have no 
problem with extending the pre-conceived notion of a minor update and 
incorporating more things into it, like new features, should the 
situation demand it (like the passogva port and the new ignore_sslcert 
option example).

	I am by no means disputing your claim that our release process needs 
revising, not to say major thinking over if you want me to go out on a 
limb here. On the other hand, I have myself stated that several times 
already, if you should remember, but....


> Can we simply get rid of releases, considering the time it takes you 
> to sort them out?

	One of the main things our release process lacks, as stated 
specifically by you several times, is helping hands to both merge the 
code and test it... so why rather than complaining don't you instead 
help me speed up the entire process and thus reduce the time between 
one release and the next (and as a result, minimize the code deltas 
between trunk and any release branch)?

	I would like to point out to everyone, including Jordan (who raises 
different but admittedly valid concerns about our release procedures in 
a previous thread of his), that I believe your last statement, Paul, 
was said pretty much forgetting the pain "our entire user base using 
cvs ToT"  days were, regardless of the valid concerns you might raise 
(which, again, I am more than willing to address.... I am no dictator 

> What's the point in annotating what you are leaving out?

	So that, precisely, we can know what the delta between trunk and 
release is at the moment and, from there, work on reducing it 
appropriately. Can we, for now, until we have a more streamlined 
release protocol at least, do that? I would only benefit *all* of us!

> Paul


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