Getting to 1.4.1.

James Berry jberry at
Fri Apr 13 19:10:58 PDT 2007

In an effort to expedite small releases of MacPorts, such as 1.4.1,  
I'd like to suggest that we keep trunk as usable as possible,  
whenever we can.

As an example, it's been suggested that the universal variant support  
in trunk is relatively immature, while most of the other changes in  
trunk would be ready for release. May I suggest that we put in ./ 
configure --with-universal-variant or a ports.conf setting to to  
disable the effect of that variant? This would achieve two things, I  

	* Remove the threat of this option from trunk, while still allowing  
development and testing of the feature to continue on trunk.
	* Allow easy merging/tagging of 1.4.1 based on a complete merge from  

In general, this should allow us to quickly/easily tag minor revs so  
that we can keep up the pace of development and innovation.



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