GSoC work and svn

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Tue Apr 17 10:12:38 PDT 2007

	Hey GSoC mentors! Before GSoC students with our project start 
committing their work into our repo, I wanted to suggest some 
organizational guidelines to streamline the workflow and also secure 
trunk from breaking with potentially experimental code. Namely, I was 
thinking maybe we should create either a single GSoC dedicated branch, 
and appropriate subdirectories therein for each of our students (e.g. 
/branches/GSoC2007/pipping_universal), or separate, well defined 
branches for each (e.g. /branches/GSoC2007_pipping_universal), 
depending on consensus.

	In any case, I believe we should keep GSoC produced code out of trunk 
until projects are called completed, both to secure trunk from breaking 
but also for accountability of the project and the student's progress 
(if everything goes into trunk it becomes easy to mix things up). If we 
go this route, which I strongly recommend, students would, of course, 
have to handle keeping their branches in sync with trunk when 
appropriate, so that merging back into trunk upon project completion is 
as painless as possible.



PS: Elias already made a commit to base from his GSoC work, r24148, so 
he would have to back that one out and commit it to his branch (or 

PPS: Someone (Paul?) please make sure Eugene Pimenov gets involved in 
this discussion, I couldn't find any mailing information for him 
anywhere (actually, he should be required to sing up to this list and 
to mp-changes if he's going to be committing to our repo, I couldn't 
find him on either list's rooster).

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