Kernel extensions in MacPorts

Kevin Ballard eridius at
Mon Jan 15 13:36:46 PST 2007

I am of the opinion that not cleanly removing a kernel extension is  
far worse than not shutting down apache before installing it.  
Especially since it's a reasonable assumption that the user knows how  
to shut down apache before uninstalling, but it's not so reasonable  
an assumption that the user knows how to unload a kernel extension  
before uninstalling.

On Jan 15, 2007, at 12:21 PM, Salvatore Domenick Desiano wrote:

> While the hooks are probably the *right* way to do this, it occurs  
> to me
> that our other packages are not nearly as responsible and perhaps
> MacFUSE does not need to be either. That is, none of our packages shut
> themselves down before being removed (Apache comes to mind, but any of
> the daemons are examples).
> The "port" command generally handles installation (which includes  
> adding
> hooks for activation) and deinstallation (which includes removing  
> those
> hooks), but often does not include running the hooks. In some  
> packages,
> the port command finishes with a message like "you may want to run  
> X to
> activate this package" (the mysql port comes to mind).
> So, if that's the only blocker, I think you're in good shape to do  
> just
> as good a job with MacFUSE as we do with other ports. Adding
> pre/post-activation hooks could be viewed as a separate task to  
> improve
> the MP project as a whole.

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