D-Bus & GNOME upgrades

Randall Wood rhwood at mac.com
Sat Jan 20 05:52:44 PST 2007

This weekend I submitted a large number of D-Bus and GNOME upgrades  
to MacPorts, and will be submitting more in the coming days.

D-Bus (port dbus):
D-Bus has been upgraded from 0.61 to 1.0.2 and port dbus-glib has  
been added at version 0.72. This is a significant upgrade to D-Bus  
and breaks compatibility with version 0.61. All ports that depend on  
port:dbus have to be rebuilt to run.

About 3 dozen GNOME ports have been identified as having or requiring  
a dependency on D-Bus (I tested for apps and libs that linked against  
dbus-glib). The current stable version of about a dozen were known to  
be dependent on D-Bus 1.0.+ and have been upgraded to the latest  
stable versions. Another dozen or so have been revised to explicitly  
depend on port:dbus-glib and the revision tag has been incremented to  
force a rebuild when dbus is upgraded on user's systems. A few more  
are having one or more other build issues that need to be worked out  
before being upgraded.

These changes should bring almost every GNOME port currently shipping  
in MacPorts up to GNOME 2.16.x specs, and the master GNOME port has  
been upgraded as well to reflect this.

Randall Wood
rhwood at mac.com

"The rules are simple: The ball is round. The game lasts 90 minutes.  
All the
rest is just philosophy."

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