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Blair Zajac blair at
Wed Jan 24 09:35:31 PST 2007

Kevin Ballard wrote:
> There are a ton of files in the dports tree that have svn:eol-style set 
> to native. In theory this would be a good thing, yes? Unfortunately, 
> it's actually not.
> In the specific case of patchfiles (by far the most common type of file 
> in the files/ directories), line endings cannot be modified or the patch 
> utility will refuse to apply the chunks. In the more general case of 
> anything in the files/ directories, I would assume that these files all 
> were meant to work with their original line endings, and that, depending 
> on the type of file in there, flipping the line endings could cause 
> issues. The only type of file in which one could make a case for native 
> line endings is *.txt files (of which there are a small handful).
> As for the Portfiles themselves, I assume Tcl doesn't care about line 
> endings, so I see no problem with native eol-style on those.
> Does anybody have any objects to my removal of svn:eol-style on all 
> files in the files/* directories (with the possible exception of *.txt 
> files)?

Where specifically are you seeing a problem with this?

I noticed that there are Python files that you would still want a native 
eol-style on, and presumable other scripts.

I would be more conservative and just do a

svn propdel svn:eol-style */*/files/patch*

I just tried this and this modified 1830 files, so I'm a little concerned this 
may break something.

Why not just remove the eol-style on files that have a broken build?


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