ettercap install problems

Cédric Luthi cedric.luthi at
Thu Jan 25 00:02:15 PST 2007

Garrett Reid <garrett.reid at> on Wednesday, January 24, 2007  
at 8:00 PM -0800 wrote:
>> For some reason, I'm having issues installing ettercap. It's been
>> installed before with a previous darwinports install (but I had to
>> remove it, because wireshark wasn't building). Now, with the newest
>> darwinports distro from the darwinports website (1.3.2), I ran a
>> selfupdate and a sync, and then tried to install ettercap.

On 25 janv. 07, at 06:29, Mark Duling wrote:
> I don't use ettercap, but it looks like it may be defunct.
> t=2896&sid=4982b342c31d00d7e266936c27a4c8ef

Indeed. You may want to use
$ sudo port install ettercap-ng
instead in order to install ettercap ng 0.7.3

Maybe ettercap port should be removed or aliased to ettercap-ng ?


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