Massive property update - PLEASE READ

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Thu Jan 25 19:04:08 PST 2007

Kevin Ballard <eridius at> on Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 6:54
PM -0800 wrote:
>In the future, please try and use the right properties. svn:eol-style
>native belongs on files which are line-ending-agnostic, like text files,
>shell scripts, tcl scripts, and other source files. Patchfiles must *NOT*
>have svn:eol-style set, as line endings are important in them.
>Additionally, be careful about svn:executable - there were some patch
>files with that set. Only set it if your file really needs to be
>executable. There are still a bunch of svn:executable shell scripts, but
>not all of them need it (most of them, for example, are passed as an
>argument to bash). I didn't bother removing it from scripts, but I did
>remove it from the patchfiles.

Please explain how I can follow your recommendations, or documents I can
read to understand this issue.  I am totally unfamiliar with this issue
and so I won't be able to follow these guidelines.


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