New entry in mirror_sites

Kevin Ballard eridius at
Tue Jan 30 21:04:46 PST 2007

As per a suggestions by jmpp, I've added a new mirror_sites entry for  

This comes in two forms. The first is a url for <http://>. An example usage  
of this would be

distname		servlet2.3-jsp1.2-tc4.x
master_sites		macports:jberry

That would fetch the file that's currently in /distfiles/jberry

To make things easy I also added a :nosubdir url at /distfiles/ 
general/, so you can drop tarballs in the /distfiles/general/  
directory and access them like such:

distname		some-random-file.tar.gz
master_sites		macports

Please don't drop tarballs in the /distfiles/ directory directly,  

Unfortunately until 1.4 is released we can't really use this in  
existing Portfiles. But perhaps we can get it out the door soon, and  
start using this everywhere we need to host our own source drops.

Kevin Ballard
eridius at

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