GSoC2007 work

Anant Narayanan anant at
Fri Jun 1 12:09:28 PDT 2007

James Berry wrote:
> I'm strongly in favor of giving the GSoC students and their mentors the
> latitude to decide which components of their projects should be commited
> on a branch, and which to trunk. I believe that choice will depend on a
> number of factors including the nature of the change, how risky it is,
> how long it will take to stability, etc. In general, however, I have a
> preference that changes should be made on trunk unless they are
> destabilizing over a long period or are regarded as strictly experimental.
> I believe that sfiera's recent change to sqlite3 is an excellant example
> of something that _should_ be done on trunk: it's relatively antonymous,
> low-risk, and generally useful.

Please do keep in mind that the students are required to submit a URL
and possibly even upload code that they have authored during the summer
to at the end of the term. Committing directly to trunk
poses a practical problem as it will be difficult for the students to
distinctly show their work for audit.

I see no harm in instructing the students to commit primarily to a
branch and *then* cherry-picking out the commits that would be of
immediate benefit into trunk.


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