Subversion repo issue

Mark Grimes mgrimes at
Tue Jun 5 08:45:18 PDT 2007

Here's one I've never seen before... anyone else having trouble with 
the MP repo?  Now svk does apply props for merge tickets as mentioned 
prior, and this has always worked before...
I suppose I could one-off these commits until I narrow down the 
problem, but wanted to ask here at the sake of multiple commits per 
single functional change (email obscurity in this case).

===> Auto-merging (25942, 25943) /local/trunk to /mirror/trunk (base 
Merging back to mirror source
U   dports/net/libdnet/Portfile
U   dports/perl/p5-xml-apachefop/Portfile
U   dports/perl/p5-params-util/Portfile
U   dports/perl/p5-java/Portfile
U   dports/perl/p5-path-class/Portfile
U   dports/perl/p5-app-cli/Portfile
U   dports/perl/p5-pdf-reuse/Portfile
U   dports/perl/p5-list-moreutils/Portfile
U   dports/security/ike-scan/Portfile
U   dports/security/metasploit3/Portfile
New merge ticket: 
Failed to execute WebDAV PROPPATCH: At least one property change 
failed; repository is unchanged

Mark Grimes, Principal Developer
Stateful Labs

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