Subversion repo issue

Kevin Van Vechten kvv at
Tue Jun 5 10:02:38 PDT 2007

It's not necessary to use SSL to access the repository (we use digest  
authentication), and using the plain http:// URL will probably be  
more robust.

- Kevin

On Jun 5, 2007, at 8:57 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> Transmitting file data ........................svn: Commit failed  
> (details follow):
> svn: PUT of '/repository/macports/!svn/wrk/55dfb2b4-ae74-47ff-b412- 
> db15fdc83ddd/trunk/dports/sysutils/cronolog/Portfile': SSL  
> negotiation failed: SSL error: sslv3 alert bad record mac (https:// 

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