Release 1.5 branch created

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Sat Jun 30 07:23:14 PDT 2007

On Jun 30, 2007, at 4:26 AM, Bryan Blackburn wrote:

> On Jun 30, 2007, at 12:28 AM, Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:
>> 	Evening everyone!
>> 	I finally created the release_1_5 branch wherefrom we'll start  
>> cutting the 1.5.x releases, really soon now I hope! For those  
>> willing to help around in sanitizing, please reinstall off this  
>> branch and test as thoroughly as posible, reporting any findings  
>> you may come by. I'll rework the roadmap to move open tickets in  
>> the 1.4 milestone to 1.5, as well as those that were fixed in it  
>> but not released to users (committed to trunk, which as of r26608  
>> is the same as release1_5) but not to the release_1_4 branch. Any  
>> new ticket on the base component should be submitted to the 1.5  
>> milestone, consider 1.4 closed!
>> 	As said previously, I'm mainly interested in reports on upgrading  
>> existing 1.4.x installations to 1.5 through any mean (selfupdate,  
>> make, binary -- I know there's no dmg up yet, but you can always  
>> build your own ;-). Even though I haven't received a single one to  
>> date (and supposedly "no news is good news), I'd still love to hear  
>> whatever you, the tester, have to say about it.
> I did a build from trunk a few hours ago (configure/make/make  
> install), and the migration appears to have gone fine, from an older  
> trunk version dated several months ago (yeah, really old).  Programs  
> still work, 'port [installed|contents|provides]' appears to list  
> everything properly, stuff moved to /opt/local/var/macports and /opt/ 
> local/etc/macports without incident.

	Though I have tested the sed calls that update the conf files  
extensively, could I please ask you to double check your macports.conf  
and sources.conf file? Is everything alright in them? Compare them to  
how files off a fresh trunk installation would look: 
   (after autoconfiscation of course, with keyword substitution in)

> Only issue I've seen is the .mpsaved files in receipts are left  
> behind, is this deliberate?

	Eeerrrr.. I simply did not think about deleting them, keeping them  
around as a "just in case" measure just as the conf files .mpsaved  
backups. I could include a deleting rule in a future release or even  
in this one if people prefer, but personally I rather keep them for  
the time being. No matter how much I've tested this (thankfully with  
all reported failures, very few to begin with, already corrected), I'm  
still messing around with already installed software so I prefer to  
stick to the "better safe than sorry!" mindframe.

> Bryan

	Thanks for your report Bryan! Regards,...


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