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Bob Zimmermann rpz at
Sat Mar 3 18:58:22 PST 2007

Thanks for the informative post.  I have an additional question:

If I have multiple interdependent ports that I want to submit, should  
I submit them all in a single ticket or just make multiple tickets,  
each of which refers to its dependent tickets?



> On Feb 23, 2007, at 19:14, Mark Dymek wrote:
> > Hi i would like to become a Developer/Contributer to macports how
> > do i get started? In other words how do i find out which projects
> > are not being done by someone or should i just look over the
> > current projects and see one i like or should i just submit my own
> > thing to you guys and see if you like it and want to include it? I
> > know you are still transferring over from darwinports but i can't
> > seem to find any documentation on either of the two sites that
> > gives specific instructions to people who want to become part of
> > the team. Any help would be appreciated thanks a lot.
> If you would like to write new portfiles or update existing ones, you
> can do so locally, then submit a patch to a new ticket in Trac. Then
> send a message to this list with the ticket URL and a committer will
> evaluate the ticket and hopefully commit the change. Portfiles are
> written in a language called tcl, but it's not hard to learn, and the
> easiest way is probably to just look at some of the existing
> portfiles to see how they do things.
> You can also help by looking through the open tickets, seeing which
> don't have patches already, and writing and attaching the patches,
> then informing the list which tickets you've done this for.
> Even finding open tickets that already have patches, that just
> haven't been committed yet, and alerting the list about these can be
> helpful. If you can first try the patch out locally and verify that
> it fixes whatever the issue is, that's even better.
> You can find ports that are abandoned by looking for the maintainer
> set to nomaintainer at, like this:
> $ port echo maintainer:nomaintainer at
> I currently see over a thousand unmaintained ports. If you see one in
> the list that you would like to maintain, you can alert the list or a
> committer and we can make you the maintainer. Then you can submit
> updates to the port as above, and other users of that port will know
> to contact you when they have questions or requests.
> Commit access can be granted to people who have made several positive
> contributions. Generally you should be the maintainer of several
> ports already before you request commit access.
> If you would like to develop the core MacPorts code, you can make
> local changes and submit a patch to a new ticket in Trac, just like
> with the ports, and then one of the core MacPorts code developers can
> review your changes. I'm not sure if there's a current roadmap of
> desired future changes at this point. If there is, that would be the
> place to look for ideas for contributions.
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