One commit = one change

David MacMahon davidm at
Mon Mar 5 21:19:14 PST 2007

On Mar 5, 2007, at 17:27 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> I would very much appreciate it if we could get into the habit of  
> committing each logical change separately.

That might work OK if the committer is the person making the changes,  
but if non-committers are to submit patches to Portfiles and patches  
(yes, patches to patches) via the wiki with one change per patch,  
then that creates a lot of extra work for the person making the  
patches and the person applying/committing the patches.  It also  
leaves more room for error (forgotten patch, patches applied in wrong  
order, etc) than if the change (or changes) is (are) in one patch file.

> Hand in hand with the idea of one change per commit is the idea of  
> accurate log messages. Your Subversion log message should say  
> exactly what you changed. Don't omit anything!

While I agree in principle, there is a fine balance to be maintained  
between completeness and conciseness.  IMHO, the log message should  
be a comprehensive summary of what was done in the changeset, but not  
a verbose description that essentially duplicates the info that "svn  
diff" can provide.

Just my two cents' worth,

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