MacPorts 1.4 release candidate 1

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Thu Mar 8 22:00:36 PST 2007

	Evening everyone! I just uploaded 1.4 release candidate 1 tarballs and 
corresponding checksums to I 
would love it if all of us could reinstall mp from there and test as 
extensively as possible to get any outstanding bugs fixed (none 
reported until now), so we can finally release 1.4 ASAP now.

	For those of you actively hacking on base, feel free to commit to the 
release_1_4 branch if you have any fixes handy; those preferring to 
stay clear from base but with something to report, trac is your venue 
(with a message to this list forwarding the ticket number, thanks). In 
any case, no new features, just bug fixes and, at most, documentation 
updates, just as with any other release ;-)

	I wont be here for the weekend (don't worry, I'll finish the SoC 
application before I leave ;-) so I'll only take a look at 1.4 on 
Monday at best. If there are bug fixes I'll create an rc2 as soon as I 
get back; otherwise, I think we can wait a full week from today before 
finally cutting 1.4. Do feel free to object to that plan if you have 
any better suggestions.

	Other than that... test away! Regards,...


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