port uninstall should consider upgraded ports

Emmanuel Hainry ehainry at free.fr
Fri Mar 9 00:32:18 PST 2007

Citando Yves de Champlain :
> Hi
> Example (the story is real, only the versions numbers have been  
> changed) :
> port upgrade gtk2
> 	...
> port installed :
> 	gtk2 2.10.4
> 	gtk2 2.10.8 (active)
> port uninstall inactive :
> 	can't uninstall gtk2 2.10.4 because gimp2 depends on it.
> I am right to expect NOT having to force such an uninstall ?

If gimp has been built against gtk2 2.10.4, it can be not finding its
libs after the upgrade of gtk2. In this case, you would be happy to be
able to activate the former version to use gimp instead of rebuilding
every dependents...


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