New and update math/science ports

Takeshi Enomoto takeshi at
Sat Mar 10 06:03:51 PST 2007


I am new to MacPorts and would like to contribute new and update ports
mainly in math and science.

I have some comments on MacPorts homepage.
I find the home page unfriendly to newbies.
They have to find clicking "wiki."
Although I understand that WordPress is used so news are shown,
a page for the first step is needed.

I had hard time finding that how to contribute until I find "Trac."
1. You have to register.
2. You have to know what Trac is.
3. You have to find the attachment appears on the next page to the  
new ticket page.

For give me for full of complains.
In fact I find MacPorts useful and
I would like to switch to MacPorts and contribute several math/ 
science packages.

List of my tickets.

* infrastructure:

g95-0.90: 11511
odcctools 20060608 (required for g95-0.90): 11512
netcdf-3.6.1 (an update): 11513
libdap-3.7.5: 11514
libnc-dap-3.7.0: 11515
cdo-1.0.6: 11516
nco-3.1.8: 11517
mpich2-1.0.5p3 (an update): 11525

* script languages for math/science:

octave-2.9.9 (an update): 11518
octave-forge (an update, g95 variant): 11519
gdl-0.9pre4: 11524

* plotting package:

plplot-5.7.2 (for gdl):  11522
freetype-2.3.1 (required by plplot): 11520
freefont-ttf (required by plplot): 11521
gsl-1.9 (an update): 11523

- Components  for 11519 and 11512 should have been ports.
- Types for 11513, 11514, 11515, 11525 should have been enhancement.
- In fact I don't now which to choose from those menus well.
- It is not clear to me your policy how to set dependencies (old doc  
- Do dependencies need a version number? How can I set it?

Best wishes,


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