Trac Roadmap milestones

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Tue Mar 13 10:10:57 PDT 2007

	Evening everyone! Recently I started using Trac's Roadmap facility 
(thanks to Kevin's push!) and created two initial milestones, one for 
our upcoming 1.4 release and one for 1.5. Any problems you might 
encounter with the 1.4 rc I posted last week should be filed in tickets 
assigned to the corresponding milestone (base component). The 1.5 
milestone will probably hold tickets detailing project goals that might 
coincide with our SoC2007 application, if we get elected, of course 
(but, in any case, all of that is still a bit up in the air, nothing 
written on stone just yet).

	Just now I also created two trial milestones that are open for testing 
and improvements. One is for new port submissions:

	Needless to say, tickets requesting the inclusion of a particular 
port(s) into our tree, whether the ticket is just a petition or a 
proposal full with an attached Portfile, should be assigned to that 

	The other milestone is for bug reports and/or enhancement requests 
against ports we already carry:

	Any ticket filed against a port already in our tree should be put 
there, again whether the ticket is just a petition or a proposal 
including a patch.

	Please feel free to suggest improvements to these two last milestones, 
including their names and descriptions, at the moment they're just bare 
bones (born only 5 minutes ago).

	Also, feel free to suggest new milestones that could help refine trac 
& ticket queries. I'm guessing a balance is in order, a good number of 
milestones to fine grain our roadmap, but not too many as to make it 
easy to get lost in it.

	Once we have things pinned down somewhat, I'll encourage *all* of us 
with trac access ('cause no one single person can accomplish such an 
undertaking) to start moving existing tickets into their corresponding 

	Lastly, please refrain from assigning port specific tickets to 
MacPorts release milestones, base sources and the ports tree are two 
different things and from an organizational point of view tickets for 
each are best kept separate, thank you!

	Regards to all and thank you in advance for your feedback!



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