MacPorts 1.4 rc2

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Wed Mar 14 07:47:36 PDT 2007

	Hello everyone! I just tagged 1.4.0-rc2 and posted corresponding test 
tarballs and checksums to our downloads directory. Those of you keeping 
track of svn commits should know about the changes that took place 
since rc1, those of you that don't please be patient, I'll update the 
ChangeLog as I get a chance through out the day. In any case, there 
have been changes to the release_1_4 branch so getting some testing on 
rc2 would be good! Just the same, if anything comes up please file a 
ticket in trac and assign it to the "MacPorts 1.4" milestone, base 
component (forwarding the ticket number to this list, thanks!).

	Does anyone have any compelling reason why I should keep the rc1 
tarballs around...? I'm inclined to deleting them.

	Final 1.4 release shouldn't be too far now (famous last words! ...just 
kidding ;-). Regards and thanks to all for your help,...


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