MacPorts 1.4 rc2

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Wed Mar 14 15:25:53 PDT 2007

On Mar 14, 2007, at 6:00 PM, Kevin Ballard wrote:

> On Mar 14, 2007, at 5:11 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> I didn't try 1.4rc1... How do I try 1.4rc2? If I have a working copy 
>> of the release_1_4 branch, do I just configure, make, sudo make 
>> install?
> Yes.

	You can also either check out from the tags dir in our repo,, or 
download the equivalent tarball snapshots (.gz or .bz2, which ever you 
prefer) from the downloads directory,


> The only real caveat I can think of is if the official 1.4 release is 
> different than 1.4rc2, a `port selfupdate` won't pick it up, since it 
> will think both versions are 1.400.

	This is certainly an issue for anyone installing from the 1.4 release 
branch (or its snapshots), as the version number there is already 1.4. 
When released, selfupdate wont notice any difference, but then again we 
can presume people installing from svn are savvy enough to know either 
about forcing the upgrade or how to install from source ;-)



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