Death of Hexley? ... was "Re(2): New website!"

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sun Sep 2 11:54:47 PDT 2007

Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> I'm in favor of getting rid of Hexley. Never liked him. The goal of 
> MacPorts should be to eventually appeal to any Mac user, and I don't 
> feel that the image of a thing with devil horns and a pitchfork, no 
> matter how cute or how lovingly rendered in Aqua style, is 
> appropriate. :-/

Maybe it's because that the operating system itself has a userland that 
is largely based on another such project with a mascot that has horns 
and a pitchfork... Then again nowadays maybe the Dodo would be a better 
symbol for the Darwin OS ? And there is always the "Hmmm. Interesting. 
See, we was just wondering why it is you have the lord of darkness on 
your chest there." *

None of this matters much to MacPorts, of course.


* see

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