Newbie Port Creator Questions

Rainer Müller raimue at
Sun Sep 2 15:54:27 PDT 2007

Weissmann Markus wrote:
>> 2)  In the case above, the third party patch file is written to be
>> applied from the directory above the source code (I think this would
>> be called the work directory) and not from inside the dynamips-0.2.7
>> directory created when the tarball is extracted.  The best I can
>> figure is that the patching phase does apply the patch while in this
>> source directory (dynamips-0.2.7) and not from the work directory.  It
>> is possible to make it apply the patch from the work directory so that
>> I do not have to modify the third party patch file for this variant?
> you could either modify the patch-directory via 'patch.dir
> ${worksrcpath}/foo/bar/' or just create a new patch via diffing the
> original and the patches sources from the base dir;

There is also the possibility to use:
patch.pre_args  -p1
But I think this would apply to all patchfiles.


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