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Le 3 sept. 07 à 15:25, Vincent Lefevre a écrit :

> On 2007-09-01 07:28:25 -0700, source_changes at wrote:
>>   * Changed doc directory to ${name}-${version}.
> I don't know if there has been a discussion about this, but is there
> any reason to include the version, given the fact that two different
> versions cannot be activated at the same time?
> I find this a bit annoying as including the version makes the
> pathnames change after an upgrade, so that one can no longer
> say: "see /opt/local/share/doc/p7zip/README" or make a symlink
> to it.
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Recent autotools-based package doc directories default to ${name}-$ 
{version} (see libogg and libvorbis).
Also, I love to have maximum informations about my installed packages  
in the documentation directory and version _is_ an important  
Last, you do can have multiple versions of the same package, see  
automake and all, including version in docdir for only a few packages  
seems quite awkward and inconsistent to me.

You cannot do a symlink, but you can always do `see /opt/local/share/ 

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