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Blair Zajac wrote:
> Why is it that most well known open-source projects have formatting
> rules that they abide to, even if some people personally don't like
> them.  For example, the Subversion project uses the GNU C coding style,
> which I don't use in any of my personal code, but I use that style when
> I code on that project.  They went through the war, had a vote, and
> choose and everybody abides by it.  How come we can't do the same?
> I don't care what formatting rules we go with on Portfile's and would go
> with any standard, but I would much rather see consistency there.  But I
> like consistency like that.
> Blair

I didn't said we shouldn't have a vote. I just said that I personally
prefer it like it is now and that we first should make a decision (like
a vote) and then start to change the Portfiles.

But if we have a vote and then a standard, then I will follow this rules
of course. That is what standards are for.

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