[MacPorts] #14901: firefox-x11 does not provide file-selection browsers (fwd)

Anders F Björklund afb at macports.org
Thu Apr 17 04:23:43 PDT 2008

robert delius royar wrote:

> I do not understand the autoconf tools really at all.  I can make  
> minor changes to configure files, but the Firefox build system is  
> so complex that it would require someone who understood autoconf  
> and the system to make it so that OS X with X11 was recognized as a  
> valid GTK-based UI. It looks as though the folks who wrote the Mac  
> part just never assumed there was a Gnome package to use for OS X.

Yes, this is the problem - and it is true for all the Mozilla  
ports... Darwin with X11 just isn't supported by the upstream.

So it needs to be patched (heavilly) first, there are some attempts  
at this in mozilla/seamonkey/firefox/thunderbird/sunbird.


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