universal ports using lipo?

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Mon Aug 4 19:30:05 PDT 2008

Adam Mercer wrote:
> Lame does not build universally using the usual configure trick, and a
> solution has been found (see #15995) that essentially builds the port
> numerous times and then stitches the output together using lipo.  This
> does not seem a very neat solution too me, I feel that this should be
> part of base and not done at the per port level. Is there any plan to
> add something like this to base?

Yes, this is really neat and is usually the way to create universal 
binaries. In Google Summer of Code 2007 was a project to implement this 
in base, but it did not complete. The final result which came out is 
proc merge in port1.0/portutil.tcl. It actually does all the stuff 
needed to merge multiple trees together with lipo.

Missing is a way to run the port phases multiple times for all requested 
platforms and then call proc merge.


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