Beta Release

Anders F Björklund afb at
Mon Aug 11 13:51:59 PDT 2008

Paul Magrath wrote:

> After discussing it with Rainer, I've decided that now, one week to go
> till the Google Summer of Code deadline, is a good time to launch a
> beta release of my development branch. So, I'd like to ask all the
> developers who are interested to checkout /branches/gsoc08-privileges/
> base from the SVN repository and let me know, preferably by email,
> what you think and any bugs you find. The idea is to shake out as much
> problems as possible so that it is in a fit state for integration into
> the trunk by the deadline.

Seems to have a path bug, "port build" returned an error due to
/Users/afb/.macports/Users/afb/.macports/ being used for extract ?
Fetch seems to be using another recursion through the loop, at:

The configure line was:
./configure --prefix=/Users/afb/.macports --with-no-root-privileges

> There is a readme file in the directory that will introduce the new
> features and behavior introduced by the branch.

So when installing to your home directory, "/Users/you/" will
be hardcoded in the binaries and in any archives/packages made ?
Unless you use --with-shared-directory and --with-install-group
to use an common (hardcoded) path accessible to all, is that it ?

Not that it isn't a much bigger task to make it all relocatable,
but still: this could be a problem when creating the binaries...


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