Beta Release

Anders F Björklund afb at
Wed Aug 13 01:28:22 PDT 2008

Paul Magrath wrote:

>> Something that I found to be strange was why I would want to install
>> MacPorts into the config directory of ~/.macports (next to history),
>> and this is probably aggrevated by being hidden from Finder et. al ?
>> (At least /opt/local is not hidden, while /usr/local normally is.)
> Yes, I've changed the suggested configure to "./configure --prefix=/ 
> Users/{your-user-name}/.macports/opt --with-no-root-privileges" now  
> to better separate the two.

Cool, I was mostly wondering why it would pick a hidden location and
not something user visible like ~/MacPorts as the prefix location ?

Whether applications/frameworks/tcl should be inside or outside is
another discussion, I am only talking about recommended --prefix.


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