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Anders F Björklund afb at
Wed Aug 13 08:08:06 PDT 2008

Paul Magrath wrote:

>> Seems that the default Tcl location has a slight bug with DESTDIR,
>> in that if you install like "make install DESTDIR=/tmp/mp" then
>> it will put the files in "/tmp/mp~afb/Library/Tcl" instead of in
>> "/tmp/mp/Users/afb/Library/Tcl" like it was supposed to do...
> Can you describe in detail how to reproduce the bug please?

Sure, if you look in src/macports1.0/Makefile there's a line like:

This doesn't work when TCL_PACKAGE_DIR='~afb/Library/Tcl' and
DESTDIR is anything other than empty, due to ~ not expanding.
Creative workarounds to this problem include something like:
"${DESTDIR}`cd ${TCL_PACKAGE_DIR} && pwd`/macports1.0"

As mentioned briefly above, the reproducer is:
make install DESTDIR=/tmp/mp && ls -d /tmp/mp*

It is supposed to list just /tmp/mp, but lists:
/tmp/mp         /tmp/mp~afb


It is possible that this expansion should be done by configure.
Most likely, applications and frameworks have the same problem.

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