FreeType crasher: how to recompile ?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Aug 20 21:58:30 PDT 2008

On Aug 20, 2008, at 16:14, Bryan Blackburn wrote:

> On Aug 20, 2008, at 2:38 PM, Yann Corno wrote:
>> I am suffering from a crasher recently introduced in FreeType (or so
>> it seems).

As I understand it, Apple has, in Leopard, now forbidden a  
programming practice that used to work, and is in use in the  
combination of apache / php / freetype. So, nothing was recently  
introduced in freetype to cause this problem; rather, the existence  
of Leopard causes this problem.

>> After a wild goose chase from Apache to PHP to GD2 to
>> FreeType, it boils down to a crash because Apache2 uses fork()  
>> without a
>> corresponding exec() and, upon calling PHP/GD/FreeType, the Carbon
>> call in FreeType causes Apache2 to crash. This is what is  
>> explained here:
>> apache-php-525/#comment-126
>> The next comment in the above link explains that FreeType should be
>> recompiled with a couple of options off: with-quickdraw-carbon and
>> with-quickdraw-toolbox
>> My question is: how do I do this in MacPort?
>> I tried to change the portfile like this:
>> configure.args \
>>     --with-old-mac-fonts \
>>     --with-fsspec=no --with-fsref=no --with-quickdraw-toolbox=no
>> --with-quickdraw-carbon=no
> That should be working as you expect,

I would have thought so.

> but I believe you also need to
> remove --with-old-mac-fonts to fully get around the CoreFoundation
> issue.

I was hoping not, since I see the problem when using /System/Library/ 
Fonts/Arial.ttf on Leopard, which is not an "old Mac font" in that it  
is not a resource-fork-based font (though /System/Library/Fonts/Arial  
was a resource-fork-based font on Tiger).

> There's also a ticket covering this issue:
> <>

Right. I was working on testing that. I can reproduce the problem on  
Leopard. And then I had some peculiar and presumably unrelated  
problems with my php and so my testing was interrupted.

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