Forcing Macports libs for X11 (Was Re: Error installing xpdf with openmotif)

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at
Sun Dec 28 00:58:45 PST 2008

This thread really should be on -dev, so I'm moving it here...

>> If Xft2 in ${x11prefix} gets confused by using freetype in $ 
>> {prefix} then we should be using Xft2 in ${prefix}, which I would  
>> think we should be doing anyway because it's newer too.
> Well then where do you draw the line?  Should we start forcing  
> libX11 in macports because it's newer?  I'd be all for forcing  
> Macports X11 libs over system X11 libs, since it would throw all of  
> these issues (.la-fu, dependencies pulling in conflicting libX11s  
> (#17558), header-mixup-fu, ...) out the window!

I'm sorry if this starts a major flame war, but this needs to be  
brought up.  Mixing system and macports libs for X11 causes too many  
problems.  Here are the two that stand out in my head most:

Additionally, ignoring the system libs would allow us to get past the  
"bad .la files" bugs in X11SDK: etc

Changing the X11 policy to use port:* dependencies for X11 libs will  
allow us to control these variables and eliminate a major headache.

Furthermore, I suggest we create a +system_x11 variant to all of the  
X11 lib packages which would cause them to just be stubs, so people  
could continue to use their system X11 by enabling that variant...

>> But in r43207 you changed the port, Jeremy, from requiring the  
>> MacPorts Xft2 to accepting an Xft2 in ${x11prefix}. I do have the  
>> Xft2 port installed. Do you, "spam.spam.spam.spam", or are you  
>> using Xft2 in ${x11prefix}?
> Everything that I changed from using port:Xft2 to lib:libXft:Xft2  
> (including openmotif), I tested with no Xft2 port installed on both  
> Tiger and Leopard.
> Unfortunately, I don't have my Tiger box with me over holiday, so I  
> can't be much help with this right now, but I'll be able to diagnose  
> it further next week.

I just tested this on my Tiger box with macports freetype installed  
and no macports Xft2 installed, and it compiled fine for me.  I  
bzip2'd the compile log and attached it to the report if you would  
like to compare (


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