Chunked guide

Rainer Müller raimue at
Sun Jul 20 09:15:35 PDT 2008

Randall Wood wrote:
> I like it. Is it possible to chunk the guide at x.y sections instead
> of chapters?

Yes, just set chunk.section.depth to something greater than 0.

I splitted the string params from the Makefile to new .xsl files in 
guide/resources, the settings can be tweaked there.

Mark, Simon:
If you don't like this change, feel free to revert my commit in r38441. 
But I find it better to edit a configuration file than editing the 
Makefile just to change some settings.

> Some notes:
> Indexers such a google do not seem to respect links to individual
> headers, but instead always return the user to the top of the page, so
> the smaller the chunk, the better the user experience when coming from
> a search.

I also added which names the pages by their id 
instead of numbers.

> Even though it did not need them, the scroll bars were kept in the
> navigation bar. Empty scroll bars don't look good in Safari IMHO.

Maybe something in the CSS, haven't looked deeper on this.

> Can each page get a further table of contents of its headers down to
> the x.y.z level?

I think this one would require additional XSLT code. But if someone is 
able to do it, it can easily be added to chunk.xsl now. Personally my 
XSLT experience is very limited.


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