[MacPorts] #16051: ardour2: new port

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Fri Jul 25 13:14:22 PDT 2008

On Jul 25, 2008, at 11:27, David Evans wrote:

> MacPorts wrote:
>> #16051: ardour2: new port
>> --------------------------------- 
>> +------------------------------------------
>>   Reporter:  db.evans at gmail.com  |       Owner:   
>> ryandesign at macports.org
>>       Type:  enhancement         |      Status:   
>> closed                   Priority:  Normal              |    
>> Milestone:  Port Submissions        Component:   
>> ports               |     Version:  1.6.0                   
>> Resolution:  fixed               |    Keywords:   
>> ardour                 --------------------------------- 
>> +------------------------------------------
>> Changes (by ryandesign at macports.org):
>>   * status:  assigned => closed
>>   * resolution:  => fixed
>> Comment:
>>  Rather than clearing the build phase, the correct way seems to be  
>> to set
>>  `build.cmd` to "`scons`", clear the `build.target`, and set the
>>  `build.args` as desired. MacPorts takes care of setting  
>> `destroot.cmd` to
>>  the same thing as `build.cmd`, setting `destroot.target` to  
>> "`install`"
>>  and setting `destroot.destdir` to "`DESTDIR=${destroot}`".
>>  {{{
>>  build.cmd               scons
>>  build.target
>>  build.args              PREFIX=${prefix} VST=0 AUBIO=1  
>>  }}}
>>  This change also means that parallel building will work now, since I
>>  enabled parallel building for scons-based ports in MacPorts base in
>>  r38556. This helps a lot since ardour takes a long time to  
>> compile. So I
>>  added "`use_parallel_build yes`" to the portfile, and reindented the
>>  column to 24 characters so things line up again.
>>  The one remaining oddity is that it looks like the gettext message
>>  catalogs get built only during the destroot phase. Not sure why.  
>> But I'm
>>  not too concerned since it takes very little time to build the  
>> message
>>  catalogs, compared with how much time it takes to build the rest of
>>  ardour.
>>  So the port is now added in r38560. Thanks for the contribution!  
>> And I
>>  hope you'll forgive my interfering in your port here.
> Again, thanks for your help with this.  My original approach was  
> based on my understanding that I needed to declare DESTDIR during  
> the scons build phase and scons refused to proceed at build time  
> because ${destroot} did not yet exist.

I noticed that too. I haven't used scons before so I was muddling  
through it.

> Hence deferred everything to destroot.
> So thanks for your suggestions.  They clear up some points that are
> not so clear from the guide documentation.
> I wonder if you have actually tried using the port.

Only to the point of opening it and getting its fatal error message  
about there not being a suitable audio device, about which I'm  
advised to complain to Apple or adjust my Jack settings.

> It works for me at
> a minimal level if you configure things properly but the audio output
> breaks up a lot.  According to the mac osx developers on chat the  
> problem is with the current released version of jack (0.109.2).  They
> recommended the svn version which advertises itself as 0.111.0 but its
> still got some instabilities.

We could add a jack-devel port for that version if desired.

> Looks like the correct solution is to use
> jackdmp (C++ implementation of the jack api that supports multiple  
> processors) but ardour2 compiled against jack will not work with  
> it.  So
> ardour2 needs to be compiled against whichever version of jack your  
> using for jackd/jackdmp since that package provides both the server  
> and
> matching client library.  Am working on this now and so am thinking of
> of adding variants to ardour2 to allow the user to select which  
> jack port to build against.  Of course, jack and jackdmp would  
> conflict with
> each other in terms of the installed binaries so only one can be  
> active at a given time.  Any suggestions?

Variants for this in the ardour2 port sound reasonable.

> At any rate, I'm grateful for your suggestions and improvements as  
> well
> your help in getting these ports committed.

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