[MacPorts] #16051: ardour2: new port

David Evans db.evans at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 09:27:56 PDT 2008

MacPorts wrote:
> #16051: ardour2: new port
> ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------
>   Reporter:  db.evans at gmail.com  |       Owner:  ryandesign at macports.org
>       Type:  enhancement         |      Status:  closed                 
>   Priority:  Normal              |   Milestone:  Port Submissions       
>  Component:  ports               |     Version:  1.6.0                  
> Resolution:  fixed               |    Keywords:  ardour                 
> ---------------------------------+------------------------------------------
> Changes (by ryandesign at macports.org):
>   * status:  assigned => closed
>   * resolution:  => fixed
> Comment:
>  Rather than clearing the build phase, the correct way seems to be to set
>  `build.cmd` to "`scons`", clear the `build.target`, and set the
>  `build.args` as desired. MacPorts takes care of setting `destroot.cmd` to
>  the same thing as `build.cmd`, setting `destroot.target` to "`install`"
>  and setting `destroot.destdir` to "`DESTDIR=${destroot}`".
>  {{{
>  build.cmd               scons
>  build.target
>  build.args              PREFIX=${prefix} VST=0 AUBIO=1 FREESOUND=1 LV2=1
>  }}}
>  This change also means that parallel building will work now, since I
>  enabled parallel building for scons-based ports in MacPorts base in
>  r38556. This helps a lot since ardour takes a long time to compile. So I
>  added "`use_parallel_build yes`" to the portfile, and reindented the
>  column to 24 characters so things line up again.
>  The one remaining oddity is that it looks like the gettext message
>  catalogs get built only during the destroot phase. Not sure why. But I'm
>  not too concerned since it takes very little time to build the message
>  catalogs, compared with how much time it takes to build the rest of
>  ardour.
>  So the port is now added in r38560. Thanks for the contribution! And I
>  hope you'll forgive my interfering in your port here.

Again, thanks for your help with this.  My original approach was based 
on my understanding that I needed to declare DESTDIR during the scons 
build phase and scons refused to proceed at build time because 
${destroot} did not yet exist.  Hence deferred everything to destroot.
So thanks for your suggestions.  They clear up some points that are
not so clear from the guide documentation.

I wonder if you have actually tried using the port.  It works for me at
a minimal level if you configure things properly but the audio output
breaks up a lot.  According to the mac osx developers on chat the 
problem is with the current released version of jack (0.109.2).  They
recommended the svn version which advertises itself as 0.111.0 but its
still got some instabilities.  Looks like the correct solution is to use
jackdmp (C++ implementation of the jack api that supports multiple 
processors) but ardour2 compiled against jack will not work with it.  So
ardour2 needs to be compiled against whichever version of jack your 
using for jackd/jackdmp since that package provides both the server and
matching client library.  Am working on this now and so am thinking of
of adding variants to ardour2 to allow the user to select which jack 
port to build against.  Of course, jack and jackdmp would conflict with
each other in terms of the installed binaries so only one can be active 
at a given time.  Any suggestions?

At any rate, I'm grateful for your suggestions and improvements as well
your help in getting these ports committed.


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