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markd at markd at
Mon Jul 28 17:51:44 PDT 2008

>>> Simon has got the details of the chunked guide worked out, and I am
>>> of the
>>> opinion that it is better that display the chunked
>>> guide with an obvious link somewhere to the single-page version, as
>>> opposed to the pulling up a page that asks
>>> 'single-page
>>> or multi-page?'  I prefer to provide the chunked guide as a sane
>>> default.
>>> Do you agree or disagree with this?
>>> Also, I am thinking that maybe we need a url to
>>> track
>>> all our documents.  I know Jordan mentioned we should link the
>>> HOWTOs in
>>> the Guide, but I think it might be better to link a more general
>>> docs page
>>> there and perhaps elsewhere.  Opinions?
>> I would prefer that we gravitate towards less hostnames, not more.
>> Our documentation is currently in the Guide ( and
>> in the wiki ( Do we really need another page
>> that provides just those two links?
>> Maybe it would make sense to have a wiki page which provides links to
>> all documentation.
>I agree with Ryan. Why not try to standardize on something like
> >  for everything? That page could contain links into the Trac wiki,  
>guide, FAQ, whatever. The main page at would have a  
>single "Documentation" link to that page. We could even move the  
>guide(s) into <>.

I agree.  I did not mean to say I thought we needed both and  I had two separate questions. 
But anyway, should we then ditch for  It seems like a pretty good idea to me and
that is what I was getting at. seems
problematic to me now as too specific, and it tends to make people equate
the Guide with "MacPorts documentation", whereas I think of it as one in a


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