[macports-mgr] Re: Wiki changes not possible

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Wed May 7 10:02:03 PDT 2008

Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:
> 	I can see mp-changes hosting these mails, but I'd actually think this  
> list is a better choice, since these edits will mostly (hopefully) be  
> about documentation, which is something we've always reviewed here. In  
> any case, I have no problem with having them on mp-changes if the  
> majority of voices speak against this list, but in such case it'd be  
> nice having the From and Reply-To fields of each message constructed  
> similar to how the commit logs are currently.

Also svn commits are open for review and we also put them onto the 
-changes list to seperate change mails and actual discussion. We don't 
need to discuss every wiki change, but we can start of a thread from 
-changes as we do for commit reviews. So I would prefer to send these 
mails to -changes.

> 	About the From field: everyone who edits the wiki has to be a valid  
> registered user, with a legit address, so would it be possible to have  
> that as the From of each of those messages (and from there on, into  
> the Reply-To field too)? If it is, we would deal with the mailing list  
> accepting all those messages in some smart way, but we first need to  
> know if we can have custom From's.

Sounds like a good idea. Although I wouldn't say the From: thing has 
high priority...

We should put up an official announcement once we enabled this to 
encourage more users to contribute to the wiki.


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