Patches awaiting review

Rainer Müller raimue at
Thu May 8 15:22:56 PDT 2008

Anders F Björklund wrote:
> Joshua Root wrote:
>> I've got a bunch of bugfix patches on Trac which need reviewing. It  
>> would be nice to get as many of them as possible into the upcoming  
>> release.
> As jmpp mentioned, there will probably be two releases: one "old/ 
> bugfix" release of MacPorts 1.6.1 and one "new/feature" release of  
> MacPorts 1.7.0

We already have this 1.6.1 milestone in the roadmap. Depending how fast 
we can sort out these tickets, I would even vote to delay them for 
1.6.2. We really need a release again ASAP. There are enough unreleased 
changes on release_1_6 already.

Diffing tags/release_1_6_0 with branches/release_1_6:
   * Fixed postflight script (we should also do new pkg installers)
   * port lint recognizes modelines
   * port load/unload (isn't this a new feature which should go with a
     major release?)
   * port platform (the same, new feature?)
   * configure.pipe

I think these alone would make a good 1.6.1 release.

> Currently the bugfixes go on branches/release_1_6, while the features  
> go on trunk (usually, large changes might need a branch for testing  
> first)

Bugfixes also go to trunk but will be merged back to release_1_6 :-)

> There was some talk about a roadmap, but I haven't seen one just yet.

Categorizing the tickets filed against our base code in milestones for 
1.6.1, 1.6.2, ... and 1.7.0 would be a good start.


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