Patches awaiting review

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun May 11 01:57:59 PDT 2008

Rainer Müller wrote:
> As you nominated these patches for 1.6.1 you either need to merge them 
> yourself to the release_1_6 branch. As we don't have a procedure for 
> nomination and merging, I think it would be best to just merge it before 
> it will be forgotten.
> We should decide on a procedure here, some list for nominating and one 
> release manager doing the merges to the branch. As I said in the other 
> mail in this thread, there were already new features merged back to the 
> release_1_6 branch although this should not have happened.

Oh. I got the impression from the docs that the person building a 
release would go through the trunk revision log and merge the 
appropriate changesets into the branch. Perhaps jmpp could chime in here 
and clear up what actually happens in practice?

> I reviewed these as well and added comments.


- Josh

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