Where are we with simultaneous Python Framework installs

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Thu May 15 06:08:15 PDT 2008

Thomas Reifferscheid wrote:
> I do not understand the "..is absolutely not what we want"-part of your 
> e-mail.
> Regarding the symlink you posted, the binary in your example will appear
> as $prefix/bin/hg. Why is that considered "bad" or "no go"?

According to our plans in the wiki we decided to do the symlinks in the 
direction "usual" place -> framework. But what you see there is the new 
plan because the old one does not work. Sorry if I was a bit unclear.

> Regarding my time: University got my attention for the next 24 months,
> finishing it off.

Have a good time and do it well!


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