[36916] trunk/dports/PortIndex

Andrea D'Amore andrea.damore at macports.org
Sun May 18 23:50:12 PDT 2008

On 19/mag/08, at 02:44, Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:

> 	Big Woot! to Andrea for pushing our ports count from 4715 to 4776  
> (plus another new port by Randall) in one fell swoop, with a single  
> commit (I imagine Octave loving users are now loving you ;-)

No big deal, they are basically the same portfile and it was more like  
a proof of concept for autogenerate portfiles from octave-forge web  
page. Too bad not all packages did it, 12 have broken build, I just  
stayed safe and committed only those that built without any change.

I'm going to ask for testing to octave users in macports-users, I'm  
not a heavy octave users myself (actually I just needed 2 of those  
packages) and I can't really check all of them, I can't even say what  
most of them actually do.
Anyway they show in "pkg list" at octave prompt and that should be  

> 	Regards,...


> -jmpp


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